Unbridled Hope, INC exists to rekindle hope into the lives of children, adults, and veterans by empowering personal growth, increasing confidence, and promoting healing. 

Our equine mentorship program is designed as sessions, not lessons. Each session is free of charge to the participant. We do not teach riding. The horses teach each participant necessary life skills in which the participant can improve as leaders and effective communicators. Horses also have the greatest potential to heal grieving and broken hearts. Most sessions involve ground work; however, light riding will be available when necessary.

Who is an ideal candidate?

ANYONE!!! This program can benefit anyone who needs to improve self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills or anyone who just needs someone to love them and believe in them. Anybody can benefit from spending time with these beautiful creatures.

Examples of ideal candidates:

  • At-risk youth
  • Veterans
  • Foster families
  • Grieving children/families
  • Abused/neglected children
  • Team building groups
  • Victims of substance abuse
  • Detention Centers
  • Community Service
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