We are an equine-assisted therapy and learning facility that utilizes the innate ability of the horse to mirror our emotions ultimately resulting in enhanced self-awareness. The horse being a hypervigilant animal can confront and address our emotional well being more effective and faster than traditional talk therapy. The overall feeling of peace that is felt in the presence of horses is a desperate gift to our men and women who have lost hope and the feeling of peace. We are here to provide a safe environment where healing can take place.

"Horses help us discover hidden parts of ourselves. They cause us to become better people, better partners, and better friends. They teach us that when we're not getting what we want, we're the ones who need to change; either what we're doing or who we're being. A horse can be your greatest teacher, for as you will see, a horse has no ego, he never lies, and he's NEVER wrong." - Riding Home by Tim Hayes